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At-home tests and mask-optional update - March 3, 2022

Dear Monomoy families and staff,

We are pleased with how the first week of mask-optional schools has gone so far, and with the respect and kindness shown for one another’s choices. We only had two positive pools this week in our pooled testing, which is the fewest since before Thanksgiving, and hope to keep new infections at a minimum to protect all.

One key way that we can keep COVID from spreading, while remaining mask-optional, is through routine COVID safety checks, including in-school pooled testing and at-home testing. Our at-home testing program will begin next week. Tests are being distributed today to high school students and tomorrow to middle school and elementary students whose family opted in to the at-home testing program. Please check with your student (and their backpack) to ensure that the test kits make their way home. There are two COVID tests in each kit, so these at-home test kits will be distributed every two weeks.

The at-home testing schedule is as follows:

  • If participating in the weekly pooled testing each Monday, please use the at-home test Thursday morning before school.
  • If not participating in pooled testing, please use the at-home test Monday before school.

This schedule will ideally detect unidentified/asymptomatic infections before they can spread to others. Our goal is to reduce new COVID infections to protect your family, our classrooms, and the greater community. Because there are two tests in each kit, if a student becomes symptomatic in between these testing times, you are welcome to use the remaining at-home tests to make sure that the symptoms aren’t COVID. If you need to use one or more of the tests outside of the testing schedule above, just call the school nurse and a replacement test kit will be sent home with your student.

If you have not yet signed up for the at-home or pooled testing and would like to, please check your email for a message that was previously sent from Holly Thyng with a unique opt-in link for each student.

Thank you for your continued partnership in keeping our students healthy and learning!

Take care.

Scott Carpenter, Ed.D.