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Superintendent's Update - October 9, 2020

Dear Monomoy Families,

Congratulations on completing a month of school! At a time when many districts in our state have not resumed any in-person classes yet and only a couple of weeks of remote classes, I am so proud of our team for four successful weeks of robust in-person and distance learning. Students are flourishing and that wouldn’t be possible without our excellent teachers and staff and our supportive families -- and our entire community working to limit the spread of COVID-19.

We asked families, students, and staff for feedback after completing two weeks of school, and were pleased to find the survey results overwhelmingly positive, with a majority of families satisfied or very satisfied with various aspects of the school year thus far. We also received some helpful feedback that will guide us moving forward. You can read the results here.

As we head into a long weekend, and Thanksgiving break not long after, some of us may have the need or opportunity to travel. The Governor has in place a Travel Order meant to restrict travel to Massachusetts from “hot zones” around the country. Travelers are to fill out the online Travel Form, unless they meet one of the exemptions within the order, and potentially quarantine or be tested for COVID. It is not the school’s role to police the Travel Order – the forms are not submitted to us and we are not the agency that enforces the penalties for violating the order. All we can do is encourage all to make good decisions.

It’s important to remember that traveling itself does not spread the virus, rather it’s what people do while traveling and when they return to Massachusetts that’s most important. Masking in public and social distancing shouldn’t stop when you leave our schools, and if you continue doing this while traveling, all should be able to safely return to our buildings. We are just over 10% of the way into the school year, and we've all done a great job this year of preventing COVID spread in our schools – let's keep it up!

It’s also important to get a flu shot – every year, and especially this year. Harwich is holding a community flu clinic on October 20, or you can get the flu vaccine from your doctor or a local pharmacy.

If you are going to travel, please be mindful of protecting yourself and your family, and in doing so you will protect all of us when you return. And whether you are here in our community or visiting other locations, please continue to wear your masks, maintain distance, shrink your bubble, and practice hand hygiene. It will take continued community efforts to minimize the spread of COVID and keep our schools safe.

Take care.

Dr. Scott Carpenter, Superintendent
Monomoy Regional School District