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Superintendent's Update - August 21, 2020

Dear Monomoy Families -

Now that school model selections have been submitted, we understand that families are anxious to learn about teacher assignments, schedules, and other back-to-school preparations. As we finalize the data regarding which students are learning in person and which are learning remotely, administrators in each school are working hard to organize the information, appropriately place staff, and create classes and schedules. Once that work is complete, families will be notified of students' class assignments and schedules. Since there is so much work going into that planning and scheduling, no further changes can be made in school model selection until the end of the first term/semester (December/January, depending on the school). We have about 75% of our students attending school in person, and 25% attending via distance learning.

In terms of school supplies, most basic school supplies will be provided by MRSD and will be waiting for students on the first day of school. If any special items are needed for specific classes, teachers will share that information with students the first week of school. We will limit sharing of materials and assign each student materials that they alone will use. Our educators are working on ways to create ‘kits’ for students where possible for students to use individually. Arrangements will be made for students participating in distance learning to obtain any necessary materials.

The state Department of Health recently added the flu vaccine to the list of immunizations required for school attendance in 2020-2021. All students will be required to get the flu vaccine by December 31, 2020, however we encourage families to get the vaccine sooner in order to support public health. You can learn more about that here.

Remember to check the FAQ section on our website to find answers to many commonly asked questions about this year’s back-to-school plan

We are excited to welcome back teachers and staff late next week to really dig into additional planning and collaboration that will ensure that all students, those learning in-person and those learning remotely, have a successful school year. Monomoy educators are ready for this challenge and certainly up to the task!

We appreciate your patience and flexibility as we navigate this complicated time. Please continue to wear your mask, maintain your distance, and wash your hands. Take care.

Dr. Scott Carpenter, Superintendent