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Monomoy Regional Agreement changes fully approved by state Department of Education

July 19, 2022 -- The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has accepted and approved changes to the Monomoy Regional School District Regional Agreement that guide how the district assesses its member towns for the costs of running the elementary schools. The voters at Harwich Town Meeting and Chatham Town Meeting had previously approved these proposed changes to the Monomoy Regional Agreement this spring. The Commissioner of Education signed off on the changes on June 27, 2022.

These updates were proposed in order to address an unintended fiscal inequity in how the language in the Regional Agreement handled assessment, where the Town of Harwich ended up subsidizing operational costs of a much smaller Chatham Elementary School. A new approach to assessing costs was recommended, which would find each town paying for its own elementary school; thereby mitigating the unintended elementary fiscal inequity. 

Earlier in the process, these changes were supported by the Monomoy Regional School Committee, Chatham Select Board, Harwich Select Board, Chatham FInance Committee, Harwich Finance Committee, and the voters at Chatham Town Meeting and Harwich Town Meeting.

With this final approval by DESE, the updated agreement is in effect immediately and will apply to the assessments for FY23. This will result in a FY23 reduction in assessment for the Town of Harwich of approximately $700,000, with a comparable increase for the Town of Chatham.