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Superintendent’s Update - March 11, 2022

Dear Monomoy families and staff,

Two years ago this week, we were preparing for what we all hoped would be a brief time learning and working from home. As we now know, that was not how it turned out. I continue to be incredibly proud of how well our district has managed the last two years, and that is due to our amazing teachers and staff, our committed students, and our supportive families and community.

We continue to see good news in our COVID case rates - we had no positive pools this week, and the total number of new infections remains very reasonable, increasing by only two students, which is better than expected following the vacation. This week was the first under our new testing protocols, which include our existing weekly in-school pooled testing, plus weekly at-home rapid testing. We are grateful to the families who have elected to do this twice weekly testing, which helps identify new infections before they can spread at school, in households, or the greater community. 

As a reminder, at-home rapid tests were sent home with students late last week - each student whose caregivers opted-in received a set of two tests. The tests are to be used as follows: for those participating in pooled testing, please use an at-home rapid test on Thursday before school; and for those not participating in pooled testing, please use the at-home rapid test Mondays before coming to school for the week. You can find more information here

It’s been great to see smiling faces where there once were masks. It was wonderful to have so many families come together once again at last night’s Harlem Wizards fundraiser in our high school gym.

Enjoy the weekend.


Scott Carpenter, Ed.D.