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February 10, 2023

Dear Monomoy Families and Staff,

It certainly has been an emotional week for our district, and particularly at Harwich Elementary School. We continue to offer support to Kyi’s family, as well as to our students and staff. Our counselors have been on hand to guide conversations and offer resources. Special thanks to Harwich Youth Counselor Sheila House, who has spent time at HES working with both students and staff, and Harwich Chamber of Commerce Director Cyndi Williams for her help with temporary housing for the family. The HES faculty and administration has done a tremendous job giving students space to process their emotions while maintaining consistency and normalcy. I urge them to also take care of themselves during this time. 

We are so touched by the tremendous outpouring of material support from our community for the Bourne/Thomas family. The GoFundMe account created by Mrs. Thomas more than doubled its goal, and as soon as we put out the request, donations of clothing flooded in. A meal train that was set up to ensure that they had nourishing meals was completely filled up within 12 hours. We know that the family is so thankful to all who have contributed.

At the moment, there are sufficient donations of clothing to get them through the next phase. HES has been accepting notes and gift cards for the family, and those continue to be welcome. We anticipate that there will be additional needs that arise in the coming weeks, and will do our best to share those with you, as we know how much everyone wants to offer help. 

It’s also important that we take a moment to think of the first responders as they also process this experience and the tragic outcome. Their bravery is unmatched.

As this painful week comes to a close, remember to hug your loved ones.

I'm proud to be a part of this caring, supportive community. 

Scott Carpenter, Ed.D.