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December 9, 2022

Dear Monomoy families and staff,

It’s hard to believe we are already in December, heading quickly towards 2023. It’s a fun time of year in our schools, with special events and activities, particularly in arts and music. There are choral and band performances to enjoy, and celebrations of all things winter. Special thanks to our educators for shepherding students through their excitement to continue learning and growing during this busy time of year. 

Work on our Portrait of a Graduate endeavor is moving ahead, thanks to the devoted efforts of our Development Team, which is composed of parents and caregivers, students, faculty and staff, and community members. The team is meeting regularly to review a great deal of data, including from the focus groups and surveys, and distill that into specific characteristics for our students to acquire. We look forward to having a draft Portrait of a Graduate to share with our School Committee and community in the coming months.

The holidays are approaching, and while it is a time of joy for many, for some students and families, it’s a challenging season. If your family is struggling financially, emotionally, mentally, or otherwise this time of year, please reach out to your school counselors. They are available to support students, parents, and caregivers, and have many resources to offer. 

Take care.

Scott Carpenter, Ed.D.