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Breakfast of Excellence

Breakfast of Excellence Oct 2017 On October 24, Monomoy Regional High School presented a number of honors and awards to students. THe MRHS Administrative Team honored students for achieving perfect scores on the MCAS exam; receiving the Adams Awards; and earning status as AP Scholars.

The students honored were:


Davock, Caroline: Grade 10 Math
Mahoney, Samantha: Grade 10 STE
Morris, Taylor: Grade 10 STE
Stone, Sean: Grade 10 STE

ADAMS SCHOLARS: Students who scored in the top 20% of MRHS testers in Math, ELA and STE combined
Students receive free tuition at any UMASS, MA State University, or Community College

Anderson, Shanielle
Andreasson, Danielle
Archambault, Miah
Barr, Francesca
Barry, Tara
Blute, Maura
Bowden, Emma
Boyle, Grace
Burke, Emma
Clingan, Sophie
Demanche, Riley
Dever, Katie
Ferguson, Angelina
Gould, Nick
Graham, Livia
Hayden, Benjamin
Leonard, Madison
MacAskill, Lillian
Mawn, Emma
Messinger, Julia
Pandiscio, Elizabeth
Poitras, Jacob
Potter, Joseph
Prescott, William
Rush, Madison
Speakman, Shauna
Stoebel, Kiara
Thacher, Emma
Thomas, Ben
VanSickle, David
VanSickle, Owen
Walsh, Lauren

Academic Year 2016-2017

Awards granted to students testing in May 2017

AP Scholars: (Granted to students with scores of 3 or higher on at least 3 exams)

Grace Boyle
Jacob Poitras
Grace Drake
Aleela Rose
Livia Graham
Kelly Simundson
Lauren Handle
Owen Van Sickle

AP Scholar with Honor: (Granted to students with an average score of 3.25 on all exams taken, and scores of 3 or higher at least 4 exams)

Tara Barry
Sarah Hemeon
David Van Sickle

AP Scholar with Distinction: (Granted to students with an average score of 3.5 on all exams taken, and scores of three or higher on at least five exams)

Francesca Barr
Sarah Gregory
Jack Watson
Coleen Cronin
Graham Smith