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MRHS Grade 8 Silver Team honors students for Core Values

MRHS Grade 8 core values awardsJune 22, 2022 -- The faculty of the Monomoy Regional High School Grade 8 Silver Team today honored students who espoused the school’s Core Values of Critical Thinking, Perseverance, Challenge, Communication, and Passion.

The awards were given by each academic teacher on that team:


English, awarded by Ms. Barnes: 

Critical Thinking: Sarah Groves

Perseverance: Lily Wryan

Challenge: Rea Christakis

Communication: Thomas Chase

Passion: McKenna Carchedi


Math, awarded by Mr. Negron

Critical Thinking: Patrick Jordan

Perseverance: Fainie Jean Baptiste

Challenge: Charlotte Skinner

Communication: Natalie Sims

Passion: Amalia DeCastro


Social Studies, awarded by Mr. Matheson:

Critical Thinking: Abigail Myer

Perseverance: Reese Eldridge

Challenge:Jayden Merriam

Communication: Chatham Gillis

Passion: Payton MacRoberts


Science, awarded by Ms. Picarello

Critical Thinking: Thomas Chase

Perseverance: Jonathan Sagesse

Challenge: Kyra Howard

Communication: Ella Baum

Passion: Arlo Danielson

The Grade 8 Blue Team will hold its awards on June 28, 2022.