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Monomoy Regional High School honors students at awards ceremonies

June 17, 2021 -- Monomoy Regional High School recently honored students in a variety of categories, bestowing Junior Book Awards and Department Awards to students in the Class of 2022, recognizing students across grades for high honors throughout the year, and presenting visual and performing arts awards. 


MRHS Junior Book Award winners 2021


Junior Book Awards

The Junior Book Awards are given to students who are in the top of their class with respect to their academic standings and GPA. Colleges present the awards each year to 11th-grade students in recognition of their outstanding academic accomplishments, dedication to learning, leadership, school involvement, and community service. Each award recognizes a certain area of excellence and achievement, such as talent in music or the arts, academic success, political advocacy, or service in the community. Each college book award recipient is presented with — as the title of the award suggests — a book. 

Amherst College — Yu Shang Zou

Brown University — Angelica Velasquez

Dartmouth College — Ciara Farris

Harvard University — Nicole Peterson

University Of Notre Dame — Grady Howell

Smith College — Katherine Gabri

Massachusetts Institute Of Technology — Victoria Peterson

Mount Holyoke Alumnae Association — Darby Carpenter

Saint Michael’s College — Isabela McMahon And Wesley Ulrich

Suffolk University — Charlotte Blute

Tufts University — Colin Malone

Wellesley College— Delphine Surel

Yale University — Amalia Marjollet

University of Vermont — Caroline Upson

Junior Department Awards 

Each department at Monomoy recognizes students that have made an impression within the department. The Instructional Leaders, along with their colleagues, proudly recognize the following students who go above and beyond in the classroom. 

World Language

Excellence in Latin: Wesley Ulrich

Excellence in Spanish: Julia Calisto

Excellence in Mandarin: Jason Metters, Braeden Morris, Darby Carpenter, Kaelyn Mayo, Lucas Tambolleo

Excellence in French: Shaw Schuyler 

Science and Technology

Excellence in Biology: Ciara Farris

Excellence in Chemistry: Delphine Surel

Excellence in Physics: Lucas Tambolleo

Excellence in Computer Technology: Grady Howell

Excellence in Engineering: Zihan Rao

Culinary Arts

Tyler Gula

Jayson Gomes

Taylor Raftery

Delphine Surel

Social Studies Department

Victoria Peterson and Nicole Peterson

Math Department

Katie Gabri


Critical Thinking: Ciara Farris

Perseverance: Michelle Generazzo

Passion: Asa St. Aubin

Communication: Olivia Appleton

Challenge: Zihan Rao

Visual and Performing Arts

Excellence in Visual Arts: Sophia Fiorillo 

Excellence in Visual Arts: Emily Celia 

Excellence in Visual Arts: Molly Lavin 

Excellence in Instrumental Music: Angelica Velasquez 

Excellence in Instrumental Music: Amalia Marjollet 

Excellence in Choral Music: Phoebe Gill 

Excellence in Choral Music: Nick Blute 

Excellence in Theatre Tech: Bridget Brochu 

Excellence in Theatre Performance: Ciara Farris

Excellence in Digital Media: Alec Brown 


High Honors Awards

The high honors awards are given for those students earning high honor roll status for one quarter (bronze), two quarters (silver), or three quarters (gold) of the 2020-2021 school year.


Babes-Deel, Ileana

Bates, Lucy

Beckley, Christie

Bellefeuille, Isabella

Brochu, Bridget

Burnie, Jacob

Considine, Abigail

Davock, Sean

Dujua, Jericah

Farris, Rory 

Gabri, Katherine

Gates, Abigail

Goode, Samantha

Gould, Lillian

Gramm, Molly

Grogan, Jennie

Horne, Cameron 

Hoye, Amy

Jamieson, Tian

Kelley, Courtney

Kelly, Stephen

Khalil, Tamer

Krystofolski, Marek

Langelier, Annalise

Laramee, Ryan

Layton, Emily

Linnell, Stella

Malone, Colin

Marjollet, Amalia

Miller, Allison

Nash, Chloe

Nash, Kathryn

Nash, Paige

O'Brien, Mason

Pawlina, Brendan

Perez, Talia

Peterson, Nicole

Peterson, Victoria

Pfleger, Isabelle

Poskanzer, Sarah

Rao, Zihan

Raye, Jack

Rodriguez, Alexer

Ryan, Drew

Ryder, Brandon

Ryder, Shane

Slade, Erica

Small, Kylee

Smith, Ashley

Sullivan, Patrick 

Vagenas, Jake

Velasquez, Angelica

Watson, Charles

Zaloom, Chloe

Zou, Yu Ying



Alexis, Isadora

Appleton, Olivia

Aquino Nunez, Ana

Barr, Justin

Bianco, Anna

Blute, Nicholas

Borzilleri, Anna

Burnie, Emma

Calisto, Julia

Carpenter, Darby

Cruz, Kassandra

Dobbs, Brynn

Elhilow, Jason

Gula, Tyler

Hemeon, Claire

Horsefall, Jessica

Hunt, Matthew

Jolibois, Camden

Jones, Maya

Lavin, Owen

Long, Alexa

Machnik, Sophie

Metters, Jason

Ritchie, Juliana

Santoro, Jesse

Schneeberger, Aubrieta

Silvester, Emily

Smith, Audrey

Sullivan, Hannah

Surel, Delphine

Upson, Lauren

Velasquez, Melissa

Ventura, Grace

Vos, Rhiannon

Willis, Olivia

Young, Kevin

Yuskaitis, Jack

Zou, Yu Shang



Baker, Nolan

Belanger, Forrester

Belanger, Julian

Blankenship, Emma

Blute, Charlotte

Brophy, Emily

Bruce, Elizabeth

Carlson, Paul

Celia, Emily

Cheron, Chandler

Cloney, Sean 

Cohrs, Sophia

Considine, Michael

Correira, Thomas

Crossen, Michaela

Cusack, Joshua

DeSouza, Erin

DiGiovanni, Caroline

Farris, Ciara

Fasano, Jack

Field, Ian

Furman, Lilly

Garbazey, Arina

Generazzo, Michelle

Gill, Phoebe

Gould, Daniel

Grogan, Brady

Howell, Grady

Hunter, Sadie

Hyora, Alexis

Keeney, Lila

Latta, Annalise

Latta, Grace

Lavin, Molly

Lucey, Owen

MacRoberts, Jordan

Malone, Avery

Michaud, Harry

Moore, Fiona

Morand, Sabrina

Morris, Braeden

O'Neil, Emily

Potoczny, Kyla

Rivera, Christian

Sanders, Luke

Segerson, Hillevi

Silvester, Madeline

St. Aubin, Asa

Thonus, Adelaide

Upson, Caroline

Vagenas, Zach

Watson, Sally


Visual and Performing Arts Awards

The visual and performing arts awards are given to students who have excelled in that department during the 2020-2021 school year.

Babes-Deel, Ileana

Bates, Lucy

Bellefeuille, Isabella

Borzilleri, Anna

Bourgea, Ashleigh

Brochu, Bridget

Duja, Jerricah

Garbazey, Arina

Gill, Phoebe

Gould, Lillian

Gray, Emily

Groves, Katelyn

Howell, Grady

Ryan, Drew

Sanders, Luke

Smith, Ashley

Upson, Lauren

Ventura, Grace

Watson, Charles

Watson, Sally

Zou, Yu Ying