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Zihui Zhang - World Language

I am always excited about the journey of exploring various cultures and meeting diverse people. "What does the world look like", rooted in my mind since childhood, brought me to the United States from China across half of the Earth. I have been studying Chinese literature and teaching Chinese to speakers of other languages since undergraduate school. I also achieved two Master's degrees at the Minzu University of China and the University of Rhode Island. 

I enjoy being a teacher who inspires young generations with more curiosity about their life and the world. I believe one of my missions as a world language teacher, beyond teaching language elements, is to bring different perspectives and experiences to students. Therefore, I love to share fascinating Eastern cultures, and provide cultural experiences, along with introducing the prosperous changes and struggles in contemporary China. 

I like reading, writing traditional Chinese calligraphy, and painting. I am also fond of immersion myself in nature, downhill skiing, hiking, and practicing golf.