• MRMS Parent Pick up and Drop off Procedures 2021-2022

    Depending on your child’s grade, it will determine the location of your drop off and pick up. In general the blue path represents parents/guardians of a 5th grade student, and the orange path is for a 6th/7th grade student. If you have multiple students that you are picking up from different grade levels, you will be asked to pick up and drop off following the path of the youngest sibling. For example, if you have children in 5th and 7th grade, then you will pick up and drop off both children using the blue path.

    Drop off time is between 8:40-8:45 am

    Pick-up time is between 3:15-3:25 pm 

    See the map of pick-up/drop-off locations for details.

    Families have the option for their students to ride the bus. Students will have assigned seats and must wear a mask. If you have specific questions about bus routes/stops, those should be directed to the district’s transportation coordinator, Antigone London, at alondon@monomoy.edu.

    Please note the red sign on the orange path. This is a STOP Sign. Students will be crossing during dismissal from this location. It is a cross-walk and you must stop.   

MRMS Parent Pickup Map

MRMS Bus Procedures 2020-2021

  • Each morning at 8:40 am the school buses will arrive to the parking lot located on Stepping Stones Road. Students will follow the path marked in yellow to enter the building. Students all cross the school access road at the newly installed cross-walk. A staff member will be there to supervise and a STOP sign will be installed at the cross-walk. After crossing students will go to the door that is closest to their homeroom.

    In the afternoon students will be dismissed based on where they sit on the bus. This is a change from last year as students have an assigned seat. For example the last student to be dropped off the bus will sit in the seat furthest from the front. This will mitigate students passing each other as they depart.

    While on the school bus students must continue to follow the typical bus rules as well as wear their mask. Ridership is limited to up to 24 students. As earlier mentioned assigned seats will separate students and the windows will be opened during travel unless it is too cold.

    Bus routes can be found here. If you have questions specific to bus ridership, contact Antigone London at alondon@monomoy.edu or 508-945-5123.

MRMS bus procedures 2020-2021