• Kiss and Ride Arrival:

    The doors to CES will open at 7:35am. If you are planning on dropping your child(ren) off at school, please follow these "kiss and ride" procedures:


    The Hitching Post parking lot will be the drop off “kiss and ride” location. All cars will enter this parking lot from the south direction. Chatham Police will assist at the beginning of each year.

    Caregivers will stay in their car during caregiver drop/off and pick up. Caregivers should not park in Hitching Post or Depot Road lots. No parking on Hitching Post Road.*

    If the “kiss and ride” lot cue extends beyond the Hitching Post lot, caregiver cars waiting to enter the lot should form along the southbound side ONLY of Hitching Post Road. Please be courteous of the neighbors and do not block driveways.

    *If caregivers would like to walk their student(s) to school, parking is available in front of the town tennis courts on Depot Road. No parking for drop off will be allowed from front parking lot.

    Kiss and Ride: Drop/off (7:35-7:45)

    1. Once inside the parking lot, turn right to the perimeter lanes of the lot. Proceed along the outside lanes to drive up to the sidewalk area (along the gymnasium) and “kiss and ride” away. For safety, we ask that caregivers stay in their vehicle and have children exit the right (passenger) side of their vehicle. Staff will be available to assist students.

    NEW-Safe distance routine: Once your car has made it around to the building side of the lot, students should remain in the car until a staff member waves to signal to the child to exit the car. This is a great time to review the 6foot distancing expectation as students enter the building. There will be additional staff "on duty" to help reinforce this expectation outside and also along the hallways inside the building.

    Kiss and Ride Dismissal:

    Please note: Student dismissal to start the year will begin at 1:50pm. It will begin with bus dismissal, Monomoy Community Service After-School Care/Park and Recreation dismissal, and then Kiss and Ride Dismissal:

    Kiss and Ride at the end of the day will follow the same traffic pattern as AM drop off.

    This year, we will be using the Pick Up Patrol program to dismiss from the classroom.

    A car placard will be sent to all families in the mail early next week. Please have this sign visible in the window of your car.

    A staff member will be in the lot, putting the information into the program. The program allows us to tell the classroom that you are in line for your child. Your child will be sent down to the gymnasium for pick up (no more than 25 individuals will be in the gymnasium at a time, and the gymnasium area is marked to ensure student spacing as they arrive). Kindergarten students will be escorted by a teacher.

    There will be extra duty personnel in the hallways to ensure safe distancing measures are followed, and extra staff will also be on hand to ensure social distancing in the gymnasium.

    Once your car arrives at the building side of the parking lot, another duty personnel will call into the gymnasium and your child will be sent to a specified pick-up area. An adult will be at this area to, again, ensure safety.

    Please note: Since procedures will ultimately take longer, please understand that the wait may be longer than normal.