MRMS Box Tops Collection for Service Learning

  • Monomoy Regional Middle School is a service-learning school. Service-learning is a teaching strategy that guides students to identify, research, and address real community challenges using knowledge and skills they have learned in the classroom, and we are asking for your help to expand our efforts! At MRMS, there are four themes that guide our service-learning projects:
    1. Active and informed citizenship; 2. Environmental awareness and stewardship; 3. Creative expression as an agent of social awareness and peaceful change; and
    4. Exploring the past and shaping the future of Cape Cod

    Some of our current service-learning initiatives are:
    1. Defending Human Rights
    2. Protecting Animal Rights
    3. Sustaining our Local Estuaries
    4. Supporting Social Entrepreneurship

    Collecting “Box Tops for Education” is an easy way to generate funds to support these service-learning initiatives. The “Box Tops” label, shown below, is found on so many items that you ALREADY purchase at the store. All you need to do is cut off the label and deliver it to MRMS so we can use the funds to support current and future service-learning projects. Click here for the Box Tops Collection Sheet.

    The next submission is March 1, 2018. Given our 450 students, our goal is to raise $1,000 through the Box Tops collection! Please drop off as many Box Tops as possible between today and March 1st! Let’s do it!

    For those of you who love smartphones, there is even an app that allows households to get more Box Top points on top of the ones being clipped from the box. Download the app at, follow the simple steps, and scan away!

    Please complete the attached Box Top collection sheet and return to MRMS. Remember to check the expiration date on the box tops (date needs to read “expires 3/1/18” or later). There is a container for Box Tops collection sheets in the main office and, during the year, we will send home additional collection sheets to remind you to save your Box Tops!