Clubs & Activities 2022-2023

  • For a printable PDF of the clubs booklet, click here.

    ADVISOR:  Mr. Smeltzer
    WHEN WE MEET:  Day 6 during Jawsome B in room 217

    This club is for anyone who wants to learn more about our school motto, Ad Lucem, and what it represents to our school. We will devise ways to promote the logo around the campus and to help our student body understand its value and signifcance. In addition, since a very prestigious award is given each year during graduation, this club will serve as a vehicle to bring more attention and awareness to both the student body and faculty. 

    ADVISOR: Beth Howe and Lisa Forte-Doyle
    WHEN WE MEET: Day 6, during Jawsome A in A237 (Ms. Doyle’s room) - After-school meetings will be determined by the majority of the club members

    This club was established at Chatham High School in 2007 and has donated considerable funds to furnish a safe and comfortable place for stray, abused, or injured animals that are taken in by the Animal Control Officers. Along with helping local animals in Chatham and Harwich, this club has donated thousands of dollars over the years to other nearby animal causes and rescues such as International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), New England Society fo Abandoned Animals (NESAA), Massachusetts Society fo the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (MSPCA), The Animal Rescute League of Boston (ARL), WIld Care of Cape Cod, Eastham, Sampson Fund for Animals, and many others!  In 2012 our club was presented a prestigious “Animal Action Award” by the International Fund for Animal Welfare.  This club meets about 3-4 times per month.  Some of our activities vary each year. We participate in the MRHS Health Fair, explaining many types of Animal Therapy.  We also learn about animal issues around the world from guest speakers and zoom talks.  NEW MEMBERS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME!

    ADVISOR:  Mrs. St. John and Mr. Dickson
    WHEN WE MEET:  Day 4 during Jawsome B in Ms. St. John’s room A202

    BLM Student Union is open to all students of all races and backgrounds who are interested in working on issues of race and difference in our society. We meet regularly to discuss issues of race and justice in our school, our community, and our nation. We participate in regional conferences on racial issues, and organize our own local events as well. 

    ADVISORS:  Shana Grogan
    WHEN WE MEET: Day 2 & 4 during Jawsome A in A154 and Early Release Wednesdays at 8:15 in A154

    The Best Buddies Club is part of an international organization. Best Buddies builds “One-to-One” friendships between students with and without disabilities. Students with intellectual disabilities are often socially isolated from mainstream students and benefit from positive peer relationships giving them higher self-esteem, greater self-confidence, and stronger communication skills. High School students in the Best Buddies Club are given an opportunity to make a difference in someone else’s life and their own. The Best Buddies Club hosts a huge Special Olympics event each October and Best Buddies dances. Other events include attending Holiday Shopping at the mall, Friendsgiving, local outings such as bowling and movie night, Valentine's Day Cookie Creation, and many more.

    ADVISOR:  Mr. Oldach

    Coding The Future is a club dedicated to helping young women to learn more about computer science. Club meetings are focused on exploring computer science in a fun and friendly environment. If you are a girl interested in computer science, or want to learn more about computer science, contact the club president - Yu Ying Zou ( Meetings occur during Jawsome in Mr. Oldach's room - A149. Students from all grades are welcome to attend.

    ADVISOR: Ms. Robinson (Ms. Kerri)
    WHEN WE MEET:  Day 2 & 7 Jawsome A & B in B107 OT/PT room (across from weight room)

    Dart club is a low-key social gathering exploring classic dart games such as cricket, 301,501 & 601. You will learn how to play, dart rules and scoring using old school and computer technology. We will be playing in teams and singles depending on the attendance of the day. Looking forward to hopefully setting up some matches with other dart teams! Feel free to contact for any further information!

    ADVISOR: Ms. Weekes and Ms. van der Burg
    WHEN WE MEET:  Room A 245, Day 4 and 7 

    The Diversity club promotes positive awareness about the various cultures in our school population and cultivates solidarity within the diverse population. Activities include: The Gift of Thrift, snack and food distribution, cookie swap, multi-cultural fair and a yearly conference.

    ADVISOR:  Mr. Sowpel
    WHEN WE MEET: Team Room 8th grade next to Rm 181, Jawsome A, Day 2 

    Come and discuss and learn how to manage a household and prepare for your own apartment. Learn about taxes and credit cards and other real world issues. 

    ADVISORS:  Mr. Bowman (Fall) & Mr. Sliney (Winter/Spring)
    WHEN WE MEET: Monday-Thursday - 3:30pm-5:00pm

    The MRHS Fitness Room is open to any student at the high school with an interest in working out, learning about fitness and improving their wellness. The Fitness Room is open from 3:30-5:00pm, Monday through Thursday.  The Fitness Room is a great place to learn about the equipment, free-weight training and how to improve and maintain your wellness for the present and future. In season and out of season athletes are always welcome as well!

    ADVISOR:  Dr. Otto
    WHEN WE MEET: Afterschool Tuesday’s 3:15 - 4:15 and Jawsome Day 4 and 7

    Games club is a low-key social gathering exploring classic favorites such as Monopoly, Scrabble, and Magic the Gathering, as well as some new exciting favorites based on intrigue and deception. We try new games as people discover them, as well as teach people some of our other favorite "Nerd" past times. Bringing community and friendship across the social boundaries of the school. All are welcome and friends are waiting to be made.

    Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA)
    ADVISOR:  Mr. Brown
    WHEN WE MEET: During Jawsome A days 2 and 7 and Tuesdays before school

    Monomoy's Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) creates a welcoming safe environment for all students. Our main focus is providing a safe space where students can go for support and to advocate for inclusion. This includes advocacy for inclusion of LGBTQ topics in the curriculum when appropriate and working against bullying and harassment. We engage in open discussions about discrimination, LGBTQ rights, and tolerance. GSA constantly works to make Monomoy a safe, LGBTQ inclusive community where unique identities can flourish and contribute to our school and the world at large.

    ADVISOR:  Mr. Dickson
    WHEN WE MEET:  Day 2 during Jawsome A in Mr. Dickson’s room A141

    Primarily for those who have applied and been accepted to the Global Studies Program, Global Studies meets regularly to discuss world events and Global Studies events, such as our Global Service Trips. The MRHS Global Studies Program offers students an opportunity to go beyond the standard MRHS curriculum to make connections to the larger world. It is designed to challenge students to expand the scope of their education, and prepare them to be active global citizens. The culmination of the program is the awarding of a Global Studies Diploma at graduation in addition to the standard MRHS diploma, granted based on the successful completion of the program components. Students apply to the program either Freshman or Sophomore year.

    (Chinese and Japanese) Painting and Culture Club
    ADVISORS:  Ms. Jones & Ms. Doherty Room A209
    WHEN WE MEET:  Jawsome B, Day 4

    Learn to write Chinese pictographs and Japanese kanji. We will learn new pictographs and use brush pens and rice paper. 

    ADVISOR:  Ms. Casey
    WHEN WE MEET: Day 7 during Jawsome A (in the auditorium)

    Interact Club brings together students in grades 8-12 to develop leadership skills while discovering the power of Service Above Self. New members are ALWAYS welcome! The club is a youth version of  the Rotary Clubs of Chatham and Harwich-Dennis. 

    This is a community service club where members do the following:

    1. Plan and work together on projects to help others. We have collaborated with the Family Pantry, CapeAbilities, Youth Streetreach, Homeless Prevention Council and more.

    2. Meet and talk about positive things – have fun

    3. Organize fundraisers and donate to local charities

    4. Make cards to say “thank you” to our awesome teachers

    5. Celebrate the holidays with school and local community members.

    Why join Interact?

    1. Feel good about making a difference in people’s lives

    2. Spend time with like-minded people!

    3. Make connections with Rotary Club 

    4. Become a leader in your school and community

    ADVISOR: Mr. Naus
    WHEN WE MEET: Day 3, 4, 7 during Jawsome B

    Jazz Band meets on a Wednesday after school, and occasionally in the evenings. The group performs at various events such as the School Committee Meetings, Pep Rallies, and School Concerts, and plays a variety of Jazz standards and modern classics. Members must be proficient on a recognized Jazz band instrument, be able to read music well, and be available for all rehearsals. The band is directed by Wayne Naus, a retired Berklee Professor. For more details, please see Ms. Richard.

    ADVISOR:  Beth Howe
    WHEN WE MEET: Friday mornings at 8:15 (and class officer meetings twice a month)

    Key Club is a student-led, all-inclusive, volunteer-based club sponsored by the Lower Cape Cod Kiwanis Club. We strive to better our community and have a lot of fun doing so! The Monomoy Key Club was chartered in June of 2016 and this will be our 7th school year as an official club. Some of our club projects include: organizing a fall festival event, acting as volunteers for local events, volunteering and organizing beach clean-ups in Chatham and Harwich, writing cards to various people/organizations, and gathering clothing/food/supplies for those in need. In the Spring of 2022, 6 Key Club members attended the District Educational Conference (DECON) for a weekend where they learned about the work other Key Clubs are doing and gathered ideas for the upcoming school year! We hope through some fundraising of our own that we are able to attend again this Spring 2023. We have a lot of fun while striving to better our community. Come join us and click the link to learn more:

    ADVISOR:  Mr. Cass
    WHEN WE MEET: Day 4, during Jawsome A and Wednesdays after school in A190.Early release we meet on Thursdays

    Media/Film Club is both an educational and creative club that combines both editing and video making knowledge with your own creativity. The club is open to people who are familiar with the Digital Media courses and newcomers who want to make shorts and videos. If you’re worried about not knowing anything about the process, our very fun and cooperative members will help with whatever you want. The club is all about having fun and learning to make and produce your own videos. We welcome you to come in and give it a try!

    ADVISOR:  Mr. Bates
    WHEN WE MEET:  Every Thursday after school with more frequent meetings to be scheduled as we move closer to our trial schedule.

    The mock trial team recently completed its eighteenth year of participation in the Massachusetts Bar Association’s High School Mock Trial Program. The program, now in its 37th year, provides Monomoy students with the opportunity to compete against  approximately 135 teams from across the state. Schools are placed into one of 32 geographic regions and compete in three preliminary rounds within their region where teams alternate between arguing the prosecution/plaintiff and defense sides of that year’s assigned case. During the trials, students assume the roles of attorneys and witnesses and their performances are scored by the trial judge. Based on a team’s performance in the preliminary rounds, a winner for each region is determined and the winning teams move on to the championship rounds where an eventual state champion is crowned. Preparation for the competition begins in early November when the case materials are released by the Massachusetts Bar Association. The first trials begin in late January and generally extend into late February, but may go into late March depending on the success of the team. We generally hold an introductory meeting in mid-September and begin our regular weekly meetings in early November. As we move closer to the actual trials, additional meetings are usually scheduled to aid in our trial preparation. We are assisted in our trial preparation by our attorney coach, local attorney Mark Russell. If you have any questions regarding the mock trial team, please see teacher-coach Mr. Bates in room A236.

    ADVISOR: Mrs. Barnes

    The MHSTC produces two full stage productions each year, a play in the fall and the musical in the spring. The activities of the theater company are built around the shows so meetings, work times and rehearsals are set when we begin production. There are many different jobs in the theater including performance, stage management, building, lighting, sound, costume design, hair and makeup, pit band, box office, advertising and ushering. Get involved and join in the fun. All are welcome, experienced or not!

    ADVISOR:  Ms. Gregoli
    WHEN WE MEET:  We meet twice a month on Tuesday at 8:15 AM. Students are apprised of meeting dates and functions through email, verbally, and text.

    In 1978, the National Art Education Association began the NAHS program to inspire and recognize students who have shown an outstanding ability and interest in art. The program supports members in their efforts to attain the highest standards in art scholarship, character, and service, and to bring art education to the attention of the school and community.

    Students are invited to apply upon recommendation of MRHS Arts Teachers.

    ADVISOR:  Ms. Jones 
    WHEN WE MEET:  Jawsome B, Day 7, Room A209

    Build your knowledge of the Chinese language and culture. Share your knowledge of the Chinese language and culture with the community. For example, we are planning to go to middle school to exchange culture, and language, and help the middle school students to learn Chinese. This club also is our school's Chinese Corner where students may come and enjoy chatting in Chinese with each other. 

    ADVISOR:  Mrs. Hemeon
    WHEN WE MEET: Meetings are held in the auditorium one early-release Wednesday per month at 8:10 AM and members will be notified ahead of time. Officers will meet an additional morning each month on a mutually agreed upon date.

    As stated in the NHS Handbook, “When the National Honor Society was established by the National Association for Secondary School Principals (NASSP) in 1921, the principals involved hoped to create an organization that would recognize and encourage academic achievement while also developing other characteristics essential to citizens in a democracy. These ideals of scholarship, service, leadership, and character remain as relevant today as they were in 1921. In fact, as we prepare future leaders for global citizenship, the opportunity to support these ideals becomes even more important. Membership in NHS is both an honor and a commitment. It is this commitment that has helped shape the Honor Society’s reputation for excellence, making it a valued asset among administrators, faculty members, students, parents, and communities.”

    The Monomoy Regional High School chapter of the National Honor Society consists of students in grades 11 and 12 who have been invited to apply for membership based on their outstanding academic achievement and whose applications have been thoroughly considered based upon the pillars of scholarship, service, leadership and character.

    ADVISOR:  Mrs. Peterson 
    WHEN WE MEET:  Day 5, during Jawsome B, After School on Tuesday 

    The purpose of our club is to give students an opportunity to have hands-on experience working for a student-centered, school newspaper. Students decide what stories to write and what photos to take for each issue. Subsequently, students write and edit the stories, take the pictures and create other graphics, and do the electronic page design for each edition. “The Bite” staff meets on Day 5, during Jawsome [B], and Tuesdays after School, and we welcome any students interested in contributing to our student newspaper. Please join us!

    ADVISOR:  Mrs. Yarnall
    WHEN WE MEET:  Day 6, during Jawsome A

    Peer mediation is made up of students who would be interested in helping their peers to resolve problems and smaller conflicts. The students who join our club become empowered by helping others gain some control over their disputes. By becoming a peer mediator, students will gain the respect of their peers and friends as one who can provide help and support. If you have the personality, patience, ability to listen, and a sense of  fairness, this club might be for you. This club meets on Day 5, during Jawsome [A] and when cases come up.

    CO-ADVISORS: Mr. Bennett & Mrs. Hemeon
    WHEN WE MEET:  Tutors meet with the co-advisors on a regular basis and are in constant contact via email.  The student tutors meet with their tutees as often as possible (at least once every seven days) during an arranged time throughout the entire academic year.

    The goal of peer tutoring is to help students engage their own active learning and critical thinking skills. Tutors will not give away answers, instead they will help students learn how to find the answers on their own!   When students sign-up for peer tutoring they are able to choose the subject(s) and/or grade level(s) they are interested in supporting. In addition, tutors are able to determine when they wish to meet, and the advisors will help facilitate a mutually agreed upon meeting time either before or after school, during Jawsome, or during a seminar block. Students in need of tutoring may inquire about it  by speaking to their school counselor or teacher who will then refer students for tutoring by contacting the advisors. The advisors work throughout the year to match, support, and track the tutoring among our peer tutors and their students.

    ADVISOR:  Mr. Dickson
    WHEN WE MEET: Day 6 during Jawsome A in Mr. Dickson’s room A141

    The Political Action Club was formed from a merger of the Democrat and Republican Clubs at MRHS. We meet at Jawsome to discuss political issues in the news. Around elections, we organize and run debates for candidates running for state and national offices. We have in the past traveled to Iowa for the Presidential Caucuses, and hope to do so again in the future. 

    CO-ADVISORS: Mr. Oldach & Mr. Souza
    WHEN WE MEET:  Jawsome A and B on Day 2, and Thursdays mornings from 7:30AM until 8:30AM and Thursdays after school from 3:15 until 4:30.

    The Robotics club designs and builds robots to compete in the VEX Robotics competition, both regionally and nationally. Members of the club work together to brainstorm and design solutions, build robots using VEX components, and program robots to complete design challenges. The club is looking for members that want to design, build, program, and use game controllers to drive robots. The team competes against local schools (DY, Falmout, Mashpee, Nauset, and Sandwich) and has the opportunity to compete at the state and national level. This year's competition is called "Spin Up" and teams work together to launch foam discs into the opponent's goal. Prior experience with robotics is NOT required.

    ADVISOR:  Mrs. Forte-Doyle
    WHEN WE MEET:  Every Day 3, during Jawsome B AND Mondays after school in A237

    Sandscript, the Creative Writing and Art/Photography magazine of MRHS, began at Chatham High School in the 1970's. Lisa Forte-Doyle, Sandscript Advisor, has been publishing the magazine since 1994. Harwich and Chatham students agreed to keep the name for our Monomoy version. Sandscript, the club, does more than publish a magazine.  We have annually written Halloween stories for elementary school children and visited their classrooms for over 20 years. We also visit middle school classrooms to help them write poetry, and we have also joined the Art Club on field trips as well as collaborated with them on both the magazine, on posters, and other activities. We also are given grants from local organizations that allow us to visit the natural worlds of Chatham and Harwich; we write and photograph and then eventually, we publish beautiful booklets to share in all Monomoy district townhalls, libraries, and schools. Finally, we celebrate April, National Poetry Month, with art & poetry posters and other poetry events. We also sponsor a couple of “Open Mics” every year. 

    ADVISOR:  Ms. Lee and Ms. Stefaniak
    WHEN WE MEET:  Day 3 during Jawsome A in room A159

    The Spirit Committee’s goal is to promote school spirit and school pride throughout the year. We also try to provide a sense of belonging to a community/family. We are responsible for planning spirit weeks, pep rallies, Homecoming Week of events, Fin-Fest as well as supporting other clubs and organizations. We decorate the hallways, cafeteria, and other locations. Come and join a group of teens who love to spread cheer throughout the year. We usually meet twice a month and a few extra times depending on the monthly events.

    ADVISOR:  Mr. Dickson 
    WHEN WE MEET: Day 6 during Jawsome A in Mr. Dickson’s room A141

    STAND for Human Rights meets regularly to discuss current events with a focus on human rights issues. We also follow and participate in actions sponsored by the national organization - In addition, We participate in the biennial Barnstable County Human Rights Academy, where at the fall meeting we select one or more initiatives to focus on and create a school project, and then present the project to the spring HRA. 

    STEMinist CLUB
    ADVISOR:  Ms. Flint
    WHEN WE MEET:  DAY 5 during Jawsome B, OFFICERS meet before school at 8:00am once a week on an agreed upon day, ENTIRE GROUP meetings outside of Jawsome vary based on activities.

    The STEMinist Club seeks to empower young women at MRHS to develop their interests in STEM-related career paths. Students will meet to share ideas and innovations, discuss the challenges women sometimes face when entering the STEM field, and learn about potential careers in STEM. The club will be working this year with students in the younger grades at the middle and elementary schools in order to foster a love of STEM. Students will also have the opportunity to listen to a variety of guest speakers from careers in science, technology, engineering, and math.

    ADVISOR:  Mrs. Hemeon
    WHEN WE MEET:  OFFICERS meet Day 4 during Jawsome A, and the ENTIRE COUNCIL meets the first Thursday of the month at 8:10AM in room A165.

    The Student Council is a group whose main purpose is to serve as a liaison between the student body and the administration. Additionally, the Council seeks to foster and strengthen school spirit and pride and support the greater community, especially the communities of Harwich and Chatham. The Monomoy Regional High School Student Council is an organization that is composed of students who represent their fellow students and school. Throughout the year, these Student Council members give back to their school and community in a variety of ways. They hold a monthly StuCo CARES collection, select a “Student of the Month,” sponsor a giving tree during the holidays, and seek to support other local groups/charities. While there are some appointed positions, membership is open to the entire student body.  

    ADVISOR:  Mrs. Francesconi
    If you are interested in helping, please see Mrs. Francesconi (Main Office) directly.

    The MRHS Yearbook, known as ‘The Beacon’, is a club that meets often during the school year to collect interesting content and create a unique yearbook each year. Yearbook is a very serious time commitment and responsibility. There are weekly and quarterly deadlines to meet and the work we do is a year-round job. Yearbook is also fun and a great way to express your creativity and get involved in all the things happening at MRHS! Please see Mrs. Francesconi in the Main Office for more information and to pick up an application.

    ADVISOR:  Mrs. St. John
    WHEN WE MEET:  Mondays and Fridays, after school

    In Young women's club we discuss issues that directly affect our girls, from body image to relationship concerns, from mean girl problems to social activism.  In the past, we've visited the United Nations during International Women's Week and we've visited the Tenement Museum in the Lower East Side of NY to learn about young, female immigrants in the early 1900's. We have raised funds for Breast Cancer research and prevention, hosted guest speakers concerned with physical health as well as social health, and have sponsored a tent at the Relay for Life. This year, there are lots of opportunities to do new and creative, fun activities to make a difference in the lives of our young women. Come join the YWC! 

    ADVISOR:  Mr. Sowpel
    WHEN WE MEET:  Room A181, Jawsome B - Day 2 

    A fun and interesting chance to socialize and discuss/explore topics of interest to students - including the outdoors, sports, jobs, dealing with social situations, jobs etc.  Each week we will have a brief presentation by the teacher or guest - followed by a short discussion and/or fun activity.