Monomoy Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Advisory Council

  • Click here to applyBased on the recommendations of the Monomoy Equity Task Force, Monomoy Regional School District will be creating a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Advisory Council. The DEIBAC will advise the Superintendent and the School Committee on all areas of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, resulting in thoughtful actions that respond to the needs of all students and staff. The goal is to create a school district in which all students feel like they belong, all students are successful, and demographics are no longer an indicator of success.

    Ideally, DEIBAC members will possess the following skills and characteristics: 

    Team Oriented: The committee will be composed of approximately 20 members of diverse identities, cultures, races, genders, and life experiences. Team members should have the ability to exercise empathy and build strong trust, collaboration, and communication among diverse identities. 

    Self-Reflective: Ability to address one’s own personal prejudices/biases and participate in discussion around diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

    Project Management: Possess skills to help move planning forward in terms of implementation, management, and communication. 

    Ability to Listen to Other Perspectives and Opinions: Ability to listen actively, creatively, and reflectively. In order to work together and promote a sense of trust and camaraderie, this ability is necessary so that members can share personal experiences and feel heard and supported. 

    Commitment: Willingness to volunteer time consistently over at least one school year. Committee members will have a 1-year term (approximately 4 hours/month). 

    To ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of the group, there will be a limited number of positions on the DEIB Advisory Council, and we anticipate that there will be more interest than capacity to serve. Please know that if you are not selected for service, your interest will be recorded and we will inform you of future opportunities.

    All responses will be kept confidential, and only those directly involved in the application review process will have access to them. Applications will be presented to the review committee without names to avoid any conflict and will be scored using a common rubric.

    Thank you for your interest!