MRSD Surplus Items

  • The School Committee periodically votes to approve that certain items owned by the district are now surplus to the needs of the District.  Most of these items have outlived their lifespan, are broken or damaged or have been replaced. 

    Details of available items are provided in the documents below, dated by when they were approved as surplus by the school committee.  If no files are listed here it means there are no surplus items currently available. 

    If you are interested in receiving one of these items, please complete this form: Surplus Item Interest Form.

    If you have any other questions or concerns please contact Michael MacMillan, School Business Manager - 


Available Items

Further Information

  • Any surplus items that have a resale value will be advertised on the District's GovDeals webpage: Monomoy Gov Deals.  This webpage allows the district to auction valuable items. 

    Any items which do not have a resale value will be listed on this webpage for 14 days and maybe requested by members of the public.  If more than one person requests an item within 14 days, it will be listed on the GovDeals auction webpage for 14 days.  Any items listed on the GovDeals page which do receive any bids will then be listed on this page and offered to the first person who requested them.  After 14 days on this webpage, items that receive no requests will be disposed of either through donation, recycling, or trash.