• Distance Learning Resources

  • What is Clever? It is a single sign-in tool that simplifies digital access for students and families. Students can log in to several digital curriculum programs by signing in through Clever, including frequently used programs such as Google Classroom, Lexia, and more. Once they sign in for the first time, they no longer need to sign in to our various digital curriculum programs. Clever is also an online portal that allows teachers to share additional resources and links.

    Click here for a brief video tutorial on the Clever Family Portal.


    For the 2020-2021 school year, distance learning attendance, participation, and assignments are mandatory and will be graded, just as they are for students attending school in person. 

    • Student attendance is required at all distance learning sessions. 
    • Students must be dressed appropriately for school.
    • Student work will be graded.
    • All student cameras must be on and the student must be visible to the teacher. 
    • Students are not permitted to use cell phones or other electronic devices (beyond their Chromebook or computer) during synchronous learning sessions. 
    • The background and the environment in which the student is learning should be appropriate for school.
    • Student first and last names must appear in their Google Meet sessions.
    • The student’s microphone should be muted but available when needed to ask or answer questions, and students must be prepared to respond verbally to the teacher unless otherwise directed. 
    • Students must be attentive to learning and must not multitask.
    • Students should sit upright and respectfully as they would in a classroom.
    • Students are not permitted to record synchronous learning sessions.
    • All school rules in the Student Handbook apply during distance learning. 


    Parent Guidelines for Distance Learning

    • Synchronous learning sessions do not replace parent/guardian/family supervision.
    • In order to preserve the confidentiality of other children in virtual classrooms, the student’s workspace should allow enough privacy so that parents/guardians/siblings are not listening to classroom conversations, unless explicitly granted permission by the teacher.