• Counselor's Corner To better understand who the most appropriate Guidance Dept. contact is for a particular issue, please see the breakdown below:

    Jonathan Bennett -- Guidance Counselor O-Z (Grades 9-12), Department Head

    • College Board Coordinator: AP & PSAT
    • Naviance Site Coordinator: school profile
    • Online Learning Coordinator
    • Weekly Guidance Meeting Chair
    • Charter School Liaison
    • Convocation/Graduation Asst.
    • Program of Studies & Master Schedule Liaison

    Sean Burke -- Guidance Counselor G-N (Grades 9-12)

    • SST Chair
    • Curriculum/Programming Coordinator: Junior meeting, MEFA, Senior individual meetings, Senior Fall Focus, 2X Naviance grade level programming, Junior future planning with parents, ASVAB
    • Award Coordinator: DAR, Boys State, HOBY, Good Kid Rotary, MA Star
    • CCCC Liaison
    • NCAA Eligibility Liaison 
    • Jawsome Guidance Events Planner

    Lindsay Ginnetty -- Guidance Counselor A-F (Grades 9-11)

    • Attendance point person
    • Celebration Coordinator: Fall/Spring Breakfast of Excellence, Junior Book
    • Senior Fail List: x-sheet grad jeopardy, incompletes
    • Publicity: Friday Focus, Website

    Caitlyn Hall -- Guidance Counselor, Grade 8

    • Peer Leadership
    • Grade 8 Team Meetings
    • ASLP
    • Project 351
    • 504 Point Person
    • CCT Liaison
    • Middle School Transition-Step up (spring/fall)
    • Grade 8 Curriculum and programming