• The Harwich Observatory - located at Harwich Elementary School

    Harwich Observatory


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    Our facility, located at Harwich Elementary School (263 South Street, Harwich, Massachusetts) offers ideal dark-sky viewing conditions and a variety of equipment to explore the cosmos. 

    The observatory houses the following:

    • Tectron Dobsonian-mount Reflector with 32 inch diameter mirror
    • Orion Dobsonian 10 inch Reflector with plug-in computer module
    • Astro-Physics 6 inch Refractor on German Equatorial mount
    • Dobsonian-mount Reflector with 8 inch mirror
    • Binoculars, spectra scope, lenses, filters and other attachments

    The observatory serves as a location for the community and interested parties to view the wonders of the skies; as a science lab for students to engage in cosmic discoveries and log data with other observatories; and as a satellite facility for college students who need to conduct research in a dark-sky, light-pollution-free environment.