• Building Committee Members

    Carla Blanchard, Ed.D. Director of Curriculum, MRSD
    Jim Blanchfield, Engineer, Chatham
    Bill Bystrom, Community Member, Chatham
    Bill Burkhead, Principal, Monomoy Regional High School
    Chris Cannon, Architect, Chatham
    Scott Carpenter, Superintendent, MRSD
    Paul Funk, Retired School Business Manager, Harwich
    Joan Goggin, Director of Student Services, MRSD
    Kathleen Isernio, Business Manager, MRSD
    Rick Travers, Facilities Director, MRSD
    David Morand, Structural Engineer, Harwich
    Mike Newby, MA College of Art & Design, Chatham
    Terry Russell, Monomoy Regional School Committee, Harwich
    Leslie Schneeberger, Architect, Harwich
    Allin Thompson, Harwich High School Building Needs, Chairman
    Craig Vokey, Community Member, Chatham
    Peter Wall, Capital Outlay Committee, Harwich
    Bruce Young, Harwich Fire Department
    Ed McManus, Selectman, Town of Harwich
    David Whitcomb, Former Selectman, Town of Chatham

    Project Team

    Bill Peters, Project Manager, Mount Vernon Group Architects
    Dennis Daly, Project Architect, Mount Vernon Group Architects
    Frank Tedesco, Principal, Mount Vernon Group Architects
    Kevin Dore, Job Captain, Mount Vernon Group Architects
    Dan Tavares, Project Director/Owner's Project Manager, Skanska 
    Dan Lanneville, Site Logistics Specialist, Skanska
    Mike Morrison, Assistant Project Manager, Skanska